These Are Real Patients Discussing Their Actual Results.  These Results May Not Be Typical And Your Results May Vary

The days of standing in the back of a group photo are over for our patients. They can be for you, too, with the KadileAtric Power Principle® for losing weight — Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Number One Weight Loss Program.  The KadileAtric Power Principle® was formerly known as the Green Bay Diet . . .

Here Is What Some of Our Patients Say…

“I have lost a total of 80 pounds. I am very, very happy with the success that my mother and I have had with Dr. Kadile’s weight-loss program. My emotional state is much improved. My energy level is also greatly improved. All I can say is that the Green Bay System is an awesome program!” – Dan Sickinger, accountant, husband, Brillion, Wisconsin

“I have successfully lost 86 lbs., have reset my metabolism, and done so with no hunger or lethargy, and no deprivation. I am so excited that I want to tell the world, ‘Hey, world, this is the real deal!” – Gregory Ells, Pastor, Ripon Baptist Church, Ripon, Wisconsin

“I am not hungry. I am not irritable. I do not have saggy skin. No other weight loss program offers such phenomenal results!” – Jacque Kress

“The Green Bay System is a very simple way to diet. To wake up and just see the weight drop off is great. I’ve dropped two pants sizes without exercising.” – Marlene Lemke, Green Bay, WI

“Thank you from every non-aching, healthy bone in my body.” – Paul Ilecki

“My husband is happy that I’m now optimistic, happy, and oh, yes, romantic… I know that I look like the girl he married again, and that makes us both very happy.


I got my life back.” – Sandy Gubbels

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